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The Stories

Meeting Sfath

Billy as a very young boy meets Sfath for the first time. Sfath has arrived in a pear shaped beamship.

Time Travel to the 13 th Century – France

Billy and Asket meet Jitschi in the Jordanian desert and invite him to travel back in time with them to 13th century France.

The Great Journey

Billy takes a fascinating journey into deep space, to other worlds and to the DAL universe.

A Trip to the Bottom of the Sea

Billy joins Quetzal on a trip to the depths of the oceans where they observe interesting and yet undiscovered sea creatures.

What is Creation?

The Plejaren came to us, to Earth, to give us a very important message and a great amount of information, through Billy.

Visiting Erra

You might be wondering where the Plejaren live and if they live on a planet just like ours, or if they live on a planet like Jupiter.