Un-official and Supported by Billy


Semjase is more than 365 years old. She is the daughter of Ptaah, and grand daughter of Sfath. She is a Plejaren who contacted Billy for the first time in Switzerland on January 28, 1975 after Asket completed her responsibilities in regard to Billy's mission. She is one of the main Plejaren contacts who have been helping Billy with the core part of his mission: the dissemination of the truth in all matters of the spiritual teaching to mankind on Earth. With Semjase’s help, Billy was able to record a great deal of physical evidence that created a great controversy on Earth about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. She visited the DAL Universe many times, working with Asket. She was in contact with Billy for several years until she had an accident near the end of 1977 which she is still recovering from (her full recovery will take 70 years). Since her accident she has been taking it easy but she recovered enough to visit Billy in 2004. She is a very wise woman.