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Ptaah is the son of Sfath. He is an JHWH (pronounced “ish-wish”, it means “Master of Wisdom”) and he has the duty to provide his people with spiritual advice, leadership and his many other professional skills. For example, one of his professions is that he is a highly skilled medical doctor. He is also the commander of the Plejaren star fleet, including the Great Spacer that is a huge spaceship that travels with 143,000 inhabitants through space and time attending to on-going duties on many worlds. Ptaah is also the father of Semjase, and Asket is one of his nieces. He is more than 790 years old. One of his hobbies is to collect all the stamps produced on the Earth. When sometimes Ptaah cannot come to Earth he sends Florena, who is his assistant; Florena means 'one that is blooming'.