Un-official and Supported by Billy

Other Extraterrestrials that have met Billy:


She is the youngest extraterrestrial human that Billy has had the pleasure of meeting. She was just 11 years old when she came to Earth to meet with Billy in the year 2005. The Plejaren people conducted a competition to find a name for Billy's mission on Earth. She suggested that the mission be called "The Silent Revolution of Truth" and this won the competition. The prize was to come to Earth to meet Billy but only under the condition that she learned the High German language in order to be able to converse with him. It took her a few months only to master the language.


Nera is an extraterrestrial woman who comes from the DAL universe. She is Asket's friend and assistant and they originate from different worlds.


Taljda comes from the planet Njsan in the Lyra System. Her race is similar in appearance to the Chinese and Japanese since they have the same ancestors. She observed some of the atrocities perpetrated during the first Gulf War and it badly affected her psyche. She had to return to her planet to recover from the shock of what she saw.


He is a Plejaren man from planet Erra. He has 23 professions and is a computer expert as well as being an expert in ultra-nano and subatomic electronics. He is a master of all computer technologies and was able to alter Billy's typewriter to the effect that Billy could type extremely fast, faster than anybody can even do today. His hobby is to collect all the electronic devices from Earth (computers, IPods, IPads, etc).


He is 285 years old and he is from the planet Askal in the Plejaren star system. He is a computer technician with 18 professions. His hobby is to make shoes (his name means shoemaker).

Alena She is a Lyrian woman, has dark hair and she comes from the planet SATER in the Lyra star system. She is the lady who gave Billy her Laser gun to "play' with.

Asina is a woman from planet in Deneb in the constellation of Cygnus. On November 26th of 1977, her peoples’ space ship became damaged while traveling near Earth. She contacted Billy telepathically who then contacted the Plejaren who sent help. After few years in September 26th of 2000, she came back to Earth to thank Billy for his help and Billy met her personally for the first time. She is unlike other human ETs. Her race's physiology is different whereby her race has long fingers, soft skin and an appearance similar to a mixture of human, fish and amphibians.

Other extraterrestrial friends of Billy are: Nara, Enjana, Menara, Plejia amongst so many others.