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About this Page

This is an un-official FIGU site. Its construction is supported by Billy Meier.

"Billy for Kids" was created to tell some of the true stories about extraterrestrials human beings such as the Plejaren, and the human beings of the DAL universe who have been contacting “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier since he was only a 5 years old boy. These contacts are still ongoing even today, after more than 65 years.

This web page has been developed by people from around the world on a voluntary basis and without remuneration. It is designed for children aged 3 years or older and presents games and other forms of interactive entertainment to make learning about Billy Meier and our fellow human beings from the depths of space an interesting and fun experience.


Billy at 8 years old

We present Billy Meier as a young child as well as an adult in the stories narrated on this web page.


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